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Aesthetic Consultation and Skin Analysis

We will evaluate your skin in depth in this consultation. We will know the whole history of your skin, and how you have been taking care of it.

Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A lymphatic drainage massage can help get that lymph flowing, unclogging pores and minimizing the appearance of swollen skin along the way. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Body Radio Frequency

Radiofrequency is an aesthetic treatment used to combat sagging of the face or body, being very effective to eliminate wrinkles, expression lines and even localized fat and cellulite, being a safe method with lasting effects.

Butt Cell Massage (For Cellulites)

Cellulite can be caused by several factors, including localized fat, water retention, sagging and tissue inflammation. Based on this information, we set up a totally individualized protocol to combat the main causes of cellulite.

Deep Firm Massage (For Flaccidity)

Sagging is caused by the decrease in collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. Sagging is the lack of firmness of the skin, which happens because of several internal processes. Among them, we were able to improve the process of collagen and elastin synthesis with aesthetic resources.

Dermapen for Hair Loss Treatments

With this non-surgical treatment, your hair can be restored to its finest condition. A healthier scalp has better blood circulation which in turn strengthens and revives the hair follicles so that when your hair does start to come through, it comes back thicker and healthier than before.

DrenoDetox Massage

Perfect to do before or after a trip, a wedding or any event or party. We also recommend this massage before starting other treatments.

Enzyme Therapy (Lipolysis and Sagging)

Get rid of localized fat deposits and sagging with the help of lipolitics and enzyme therapy!

Face and Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This is where physical manipulation of the lymph nodes comes in to help speed up the process. As a beneficial side effect, your immune system is also boosted.

Facial Booster Hydration

Some types of hydration we have in our clinic

Facial Deep Cleansing (for Acne Skin)

Exclusive 3R's Probiotic Technology, which provides the best benefits of dermocosmetic treatment for acne prevention, control and combat. The 3R's innovation consists of rebalancing the skin's microflora, regulating excessive oiliness and reducing acne redness.

Facial Deep Cleansing (with Diamond Peel)

Can you imagine the perfect deep cleansing of the skin? You found it. Great option to start treating your face.

Facial Radio-frequency Skin Tightening

This fires up your collagen and elastin supply, making for a plumper, tighter, appearance.

Herbal Skin Peel (Seaweed peeling)

Rejuvenate your complexion with a classic skin peel and reveal a brighter, smoother more youthful glow.

Hifu 12 D

The intense ultrasound energy causes actual skin rejuvenation so you look and feel younger, with none of the downsides of injectables or surgery! We treat the entire face so you won’t look youthful in one area and ten years older in another!

Intimate Whitening

Are you looking for the best intimate skin lightening treatment that’s long lasting? Do you want to reduce darker areas of hyperpigmentation around your bikini line?

Laser Hair Removal

Soprano Ice Platinum laser hair removal is a unique technology that enables depilation of all skin phototypes, even tanned skin.

Lip Filler

Does your top lip disappear when you smile? Do you have deep lip lines that resemble smokers lines? Fill in lines, restore volume, fullness, and definition to your lips with our popular Lip Filler treatment.


Lipocavitation or ultracavitation has an effect compared to Liposuction, but without invasive treatment, without surgical intervention, anesthesia, without health risks and without cuts.


The purpose of this treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue to smooth, firm, and tone skin.

Microneedling (Package: Facial Deep Cleansing + Microneedling)

The perfect pack for renewing your skin, skin cleansing and microneedling. Renew, hydrate and stimulate!

Modeling Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Which can reduce cellulite, regenerate the tissues, relax the muscles, improve the skin appearance, and overall tones the body.

Package of Enzymes for Body Fat Dissolving (6 Courses of Treatment with Massages)

he Enzymes Package with Massage is a popular enzyme therapy treatment that combines the benefits of enzyme therapy with massage to break down fat cells and promote weight loss in a precise manner.

Peeling Perfect Pell (Treatment for Melasma and Hyperpigmentation)

All products contain the unique Intelligent Whitening Technology, which acts in isolation on affected areas to even out skin tone, with broad performance to promote skin tone. Safe whitening in all seasons.

Post-Op Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Trust in the power of lymphatic drainage to optimize your postoperative healing process. Invest in your well-being and choose our Post-Op Lymphatic Drainage Massage today.

Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Our Manual Lymphatic Drainage pregnancy massage is perfect for getting rid of the bloating associated with early motherhood. If you would like to get a gentle relaxing massage and have an ok from your physician, then we are here for you. 

Relaxing Massage with Essential Oils (Full body)

In addition to melting away your aches and worries, we use a blend of essential oils that elevates you to paradise. Schedule this massage, then leave us a nice review. You will not regret!


This is one of the substances that decrease production with age, which contributes to the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are scars resulting from injuries caused by the rupture of elastic and collagen fibres that support the intermediate layer of our skin and can present different intensities. They usually happen when the skin is stretched too quickly, such as during growth, weight gain and during pregnancy.

Treatment for Acne (To dry acne and soothe inflammation)

Bio-Acne Solution has the exclusive 3R's Probiotic Technology, which provides the best benefits of dermocosmetic treatment for acne prevention, control and combat. 3R's innovation consists of rebalancing the skin's microflora, regulating excessive oiliness and reducing acne redness.

TurboShock Massage (Drainage, Fat Tissue & Flaccidity)

Want to lose belly fat? Come and see this splendid treatment! Would you like to lose at least -4 cm of belly fat?

Under Chin Fat Tissue / Lipopapada (Course of 3 Session)

Fat dissolving injections break down fat in a controlled way, so your body can safely remove it through its lymphatic system. This simple and effective procedure shrinks double chins as well as improving the definition of the jawline.

Zero Gravity

Reduce elastase (acts on flaccidity) and increase pro collagen I (collagen synthesis). It has antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne

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I've been attending weekly for several months and getting treatments with all the girls and I must say all of them are very well skilled, professional, with attention to details and exceptional. They will def look after you and I could not recommend them enough!! Thank you girls and see you next week! 


I have been having lymphatic massages from week two post-op tummy tuck, breast reduction and uplift. This service is amazing, the staff are highly trained very attentive, reassuring and extremely skilled. The salon is beautifully laid out and spotless clean. I cant thank these girls enough as I was very nervous to remove the dressings and this was done so professionally using gloves sterile scissors, wipes and alcohol solution, I would and have highly recommended this service.


A very satisfied experience! Priscilla is so kind and professional, she patiently explained all steps through the treatment but also gave me plenty of quiet time to relax. I left the clinic with very well-cared skin and a very good mood - certainly looking forward to coming back for more treatments! :)


An amazing experience. Really good. Service in Dublin. I’d recommend it to all my friends


OMG! The best massage in my life!
Carol is amazing!